Alpheus Bellulus

Clown and digital arts

from 5 years

A train travels through the night, two silhouettes appear in the shadows. Alpheus, an extravagant whiteface clown and Bellulus, a clumsy Auguste clown, take the audience backstage on their fantastical tour of travelling circus performers. Shadow theatre, interactive projections and live recorded sounds accompany the two on their search for the next venue. Sitting behind a heap of mechanical, electrical, and digital machines the conductor creates the poetry-rich and magical environment of the two travellers. Body language and slapstick comedy combine to create this very visual piece, appreciated by the young and the old, entirely without words.

Delicious, charming and enchanting” (Potsdamer New News 11.2.2019, Author: Astrid Priebs-Tröger)

crédit photo : Romain Escuriola
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